Aprons at the Ready! Today is Cooking Class Day

September 23, 2023

Aprons at the Ready! Today is Cooking Class Day


The chefs at Glover Gardens are always game for continuous learning.

Today, we’ve gotten out the aprons and we’re going to cooking school to master crepes and souffles. This is exciting, as these are egg dishes we haven’t yet added to our Glover Gardens repertoire.

Here’s what’s on the menu at our Well Done Cooking Class today:

– Basic Sweet & Savory Crepe Batter 

– French Ham, Egg & Cheese Crepes

– Crepes Suzette Flambé

– Chocolate Soufflé

– Seafood Soufflé 

Doesn’t that all sound awesome?!

I want to make beautiful crepes that look like this:

We’ve had cooking classes here before, and always gained knowledge that added to our prowess in the kitchen. Moreover, we had FUN. Check out the post about our sushi experience.

After the sushi class, we replicated it at home. More fun!

We’ll share our learnings here soon.

Gotta tie on that apron and get to work mastering these egg dishes! Do YOU have a favorite souffle or crepes dish?

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