Cooking Class Results: Crepes are Easy!

September 24, 2023

Cooking Class Results: Crepes are Easy!


Yesterday, we went back to school. Cooking school, that is. Well Done Cooking Classes in Houston, to be exact. If you happened to stop by the Glover Gardens blog yesterday, you’d have noticed our excitement about learning how to make crepes and soufflés.

It was a wonderful experience!

The Well Done classroom is situated in a trendy strip center alongside hip workout places and happening restaurants. You know as you’re approaching that you’re in for a treat.

There were four of us – The Grill-Meister and me, and our friends/family members, my cousin’s wife Laura and son Colin.

Our families love to cook and dine together, and you may recognize Colin from the post about our family cooking class when we made Glover Gardens Gumbo.

It was the first time for any of us to make crepes – and we mastered it! We also learned to make soufflés, but I’ll leave those pictures for another day.

Join Us in the Crepes Cooking

All four of us participated in the cooking, but I took most of the pics. And there was a bonus: we met the nicest people!

We took a video when it was time to flambé the sauce for the Crepes Suzette. The sauce was just the rest of our compound butter (butter, sugar, orange zest and orange juice), with brandy and Grand Marnier added and then set on fire. Our classmates’ flame was uber-impressive! Click to play the video.

The hot sauce was poured atop the folded crepes and then it was time to get a final pic and eat them.

Here are the finished products – which were DELICIOUS. I was so eager to eat them that I didn’t realize the focus was on the fork rather than the crepes, but that’s ok – there will be more, and now that we’ve gotten the hang of it, they’ll be as beautiful as they are tasty.

More Crepes Coming!

Making these two recipes, one sweet and one savory, drove home that point that crepes are really versatile. Our instructor put it this way: “Crepes are like a Swiss Army Knife”.

So I’m off to the kitchen now to practice my new skills and explore that versatility by making up a crepes recipe or two for Sunday night dinner. I have some ground pork and some shrimp, and I think I can come up with something interesting.

Let’s see if I can flip the crepes properly without the safety net of having the instructor nearby!

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