Labor Day Barbecue Look-Back

September 4, 2016

Labor Day Barbecue Look-Back

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I’m not able to post a new recipe over this Labor Day long weekend, so I thought I’d share links to a few of my favorites from the grill that seem oh-so-appropos for the holiday.  Click the titles below for the recipes.

Best Smoked Brisket for a Long Weekend

Let the cooked brisket set so the juices can settle

Summer Pork Tenderloin

Summer Pork Tenderloin
Garnish with Pico de Gallo and a little Sriracha for more of a kick

Fiesta Grilled Shrimp Dip

Fiesta Grilled Shrimp Dip
This creamy, spicy shrimp dip is perfect on a hot summer afternoon


Found Recipe: (Marvelous) Planked Salmon with (Marvelous) Spice Rub

Salmon in the Grill
I add a few sliced red onions and poblano peppers if there is room left on the cedar plank.


Tom’s Smoked Salmon

Tom's Smoked Salmon
This salmon makes a welcome appearance for parties and holiday meals at Glover Gardens.

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