More Fun with Crepes in Our Test Kitchen!

October 12, 2023

More Fun with Crepes in Our Test Kitchen!


We’ve been on a crepes cooking safari since our very successful lesson at the Well Done Cooking Class. You might have read about these adventures already, but if not, click around below.

I made a colleague go to a crepes place for a lunch meeting, so I could explore some other options.

My second cousin showed his post-class crepes prowess in a video.

We’re crepe-happy!

The latest crepe creation came from my new fave cookbook, Sweet and Tart, a birthday present from my son. This is a fab cookbook, y’all.

It was a pineapple lemon crepe with a Limoncello-flavored filling, and quite awesome!

GPT image created with a prompt from me (Kim of Glover Gardens)

We tried this recipe at the Gumbo Cove test kitchen, with a few variations that we’ll document and share sometime soon. I did the crepes batter, the filling and the assembly, and The Grill-Meister did an awesome job of cooking the crepes. Alas, I didn’t ask him to flip a crepe like my second cousin Colin.

We’ve gotten good at crepes-making! These dessert crepes were truly delicious.

Our drink was inspired by the Limoncello-flavored custardy filling of the crepes. It was super-simple: one part Limoncello, 4 parts dry sparkling wine and a few raspberries. Yum! This drink was DELICIOUS with those dessert crepes!

More to come as we creep along our crepes journey!

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2 thoughts on “More Fun with Crepes in Our Test Kitchen!”

    • Aw, thanks! And you’re right, not only is the real picture more, well, real, it was quicker! It took me maybe 3 minutes to set it up, 3 more minutes to take a bunch of shots and another three to pick a few, edit and crop. I ‘played’ with the software that generates images for about 30 minutes before I got a version that I liked even a little. But it was a learning experience.

      And yes, we know we are living well. It is such a blessing to have weekends and kitchens to play in! And kind people like you who stop by to check out what’s going on in the Glover Gardens blog.

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