RIP K-Paul’s Restaurant in New Orleans

July 13, 2020

RIP K-Paul’s Restaurant in New Orleans


I just heard that the iconic K-Paul’s restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans is closing permanently. It is yet another business that has fallen victim to COVID-19.

That makes me sad. I’m sure that makes a lot of people sad. Hungry and diners from all over the world enjoyed wonderful Cajun-Creole meals and good times together in the 41 years that K-Paul’s operated on Chartres in the French Quarter.

Food and Wine Magazine (online) said:

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun and Creole restaurant was an American institution.

Story: Historic New Orleans Restaurant K-Paul’s Closes After 41 Years in French Quarter

It was an institution! It was a place where the staff was just the right mix of welcoming and cheeky, where every detail about the food was impeccable, and where you could wear a little black dress or a Hawaiian shirt and feel at home either way.

The menu at K-Paul's
The menu and the Grill-Meister’s Hawaiian shirt from our anniversary visit in 2018; they put stars on the table for a celebratory feel

Lots of people will write about K-Paul’s closing, I’m sure, and share their memories and stories. I’ve already done this; I tried to explain what K-Paul’s meant to my family in a post a couple of years ago, starting with the food crush my Mom had on Chef Paul, and how she not only had all of his cookbooks, but made sure that I did, too. I hope you’ll give it a look.

Our family’s cooking and tastes in food have been strongly influenced by Chef Paul and his Louisiana Kitchen.

Paul Prudhomme's Cookbook
My son wrote about our gumbo tradition in a school project called Gumbo: It’s a Family Affair, referencing Chef Paul’s influence

RIP, K-Paul’s. You will be missed, but not forgotten. Our celebration of your cuisine and legacy will continue as long as we are able to make a roux or blacken a fish.

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