Norwegian Hospitality: A Viking Steak Dinner in a Park-Like Setting

August 1, 2021

Norwegian Hospitality: A Viking Steak Dinner in a Park-Like Setting


Sometimes on work trips, visiting colleagues are entertained at the homes of the local ones. I’ve enjoyed hosting my international team here in Southeast Texas, which you’ve heard about before.

I absolutely love when it’s my turn to be in the natural habitat of a colleague and friend when I’m in their country, on their turf. Seeing their home, meeting their families and pets, getting opportunity to be a momentary part of their outside-of-work life and soaking up their culture is truly a pleasure and a gift.

One of my Norwegian colleagues has hosted me multiple times, sometimes alone (when I’m traveling solo) and sometimes with a group. Tom-Erik and his wife Anne-Grethe ooze gracious hospitality, making you feel as welcome and easy as a summer sunset. Although, the sun doesn’t really set in Norway in the summer… it just becomes the midnight sun, but that’s another story.

There’s always something delicious on offer when you vist Tom-Erik and Anne-Grethe at their home in Kongsberg. Today, I’ll share a memorable steak dinner with you, but first, I’d like you to see their glorious outdoor setting. (We always dine al fresco there in the summer.)

A Park-Like Setting in their Large Back Yard

Walk with me through this beautiful yard, and imagine the cool breeze of a Norwegian summer under that bright blue sky.

Tanya Portrait

And now, I’d like you to meet their dog Tanya. But first, the setup.

Tanya is posing with the angels now and playing fetch with St. Peter, but will always, always be remembered.

Viking-Sized Steaks are the Headliner at Dinner

There’s always a snack to tide us over until the meal. Sometimes it’s Norwegian ‘waiting bread,” (grilled bread with butter and garlic), and sometimes just something crunchy. Look at how elegant they made popcorn, chips and beer look. These folks know how to entertain, my friends.

And now, let’s get to the main event: the steaks. Check them out as Tom-Erik grills and my colleague Chris, from the UK, is his wing man.

Every morsel was delicious. I can remember feeling so relaxed and happy, enjoying that grilled Norwegian summer dinner with colleagues and friends in that lush, green space. It was truly serene.

So, if I ever make it back to Norway, I’m going to show up at Tom-Erik’s and Anne-Grethe’s house with a bottle of wine and an appetite! I’d certainly rather be at their house than a fancy restaurant in nearby Oslo. I’m sure you can see why: the ambiance, the welcome, the company, the conversation and the food and drink. I’m happy just remembering it, and so very glad I took pictures!

More to Come

I have more to share with you about beautiful Norway…watch this space.

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