From Mud to Flowers

November 7, 2020

From Mud to Flowers

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You never know what you’ll find here on the pages of Glover Gardens, “a multi-faceted blog for multi-faceted people”.

Yesterday, it was canal mud at a little bay camp in Mississippi.

Today, it’s early November flowers blooming in our backyard in Southeast Texas.

I haven’t had time since January to play with the new camera lenses that Santa brought in December of 2019, back when the world was young and “corona virus” would have been a cute name for a beer hangover.

But today, I had some free time that corresponded with a beautiful fall day and a still-blooming yard, so the camera just about leapt into my hands: play with me, play with me!

Thus, some happy flower pictures.

The world may not need more flower pictures, but I do.

That is all. Happy Saturday.

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1 thought on “From Mud to Flowers”

  • Gorgeous! I’ve not been impressed with Knockout blooms, but that one is very nice. This year I grew Thai Red Roselle (aka rosella) in the hibiscus family and if you like hibiscus tea I can’t recommend it enough. It bloomed like crazy and makes a great syrup and jelly. In your zone it’s even a perennial I believe. Thanks for sharing, can never get enough flower snaps! 🙂

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