Haiku: We’ll Cross Each Bridge Together

September 26, 2023

Haiku: We’ll Cross Each Bridge Together


I saw a dVerse Poet’s Pub prompt to write a poem about a bridge or bridges.

I LOVE bridges.

LOVE them.

You might have seen this post about the bridges of Newcastle.

I have so many more bridge pictures, bridge memories, bridge fantasies.

Those pics are only a few of the ones already posted here in the blog that have “bridge” in their name. I just did a search of my Photos app on the MacBook Air and there are 840 pics.


I love bridges.

Exploring the photos, I found these two from November of 2019, at Royal Gorge in Colorado.

It’s just the two of us, the Grill-Meister and me.

I remember that day.

The pictures nail it. We were happy. He waved. We held hands. I took pics. It was forever, in a single moment.

That’s my poem (haiku) for the dVerse prompt.

I just remembered that my parents went to Royal Gorge on their honeymoon, and got engaged there, too.

Wow. They’re both over the rainbow, but that memory is a different kind of love poem.

Do you love bridges? And do you have bridge memories?

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