Mr. Sandman, Ready for Christmas

December 7, 2019

Mr. Sandman, Ready for Christmas


The Storyteller blog has a new post, The Watcher, with a fabulous image of a Peace Y’all holiday sign.

“The start of the holiday season” photo from the Storyteller blog

The blog post is really interesting, and ends with “I’d like one thing from all of you who are photographers. I’d love to see where you live dressed up in its Christmas or holiday best. Whaddya think?”

Well, I think it’s a great idea! I’m not a “real” photographer, but I’ve got a camera, a desire to learn, and I’m picking up a thing or two photographic in the wee bit of spare time I can find. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I follow The Storyteller blog; it’s a fount of photography wisdom. So yes, I’ll take up the challenge to share a holiday picture or two—in a blog post or two. That might be the thing that actually gets me to my achieve my hope of posting every day, at least this month.

The photo that immediately sprung to mind as a response to this request wasn’t actually taken where I live, but close enough. I snapped it just down the coast from our Gumbo Cove getaway in Bay St. Louis and over the bridge in Pass Christian, where I ventured last Sunday to visit a tiny church. I was a little early, which was fabulous, because it gave me time to stop the car, put on the flashers, and stand in the middle of the highway to snap a few pics of this Sandman. Don’t worry, Dear Readers, it wasn’t a life-threatening situation; it is very slow on US Highway 90 in Pass Christian, Mississippi on a Sunday morning.

Making myself laugh here, he’s a “Sand-a-Claus”!

So that’s my contribution of a “dressed up for Christmas” photo. For today. More to come!

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