Make Better Scrambled Eggs (plus a haiku!) #NaHaiWriMo

Some things are universal.

Like the pursuit of fluffiness in scrambled eggs.

A recent story in the Extra Crispy blog / newsletter shares a simple approach for making this most ubiquitous of breakfast foods a “billion times better”. I share this as a service to Glover Gardens readers: I know how much you care about eggs, because whenever I post about them, you click like crazy.

Photo by Lauri Patterson via Getty Images

Check it out in this story by Kat Kinsman (with the “billion times better” secret): Make Better Scrambled Eggs with This Device | Extra Crispy.

And because it is #NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month), here’s a haiku nod to the humble scrambled egg:

diner-style goodness;
this perfect protein provides
sunshine for breakfast

Happy scrambled haiku eggs.

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      1. Good point! I went back and re-read it, and I see what you mean. I used to know people like that, but somehow they went away (or I went away?)

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