January Dreaming: the Simple Elegance of a Summer Starter in Paris

January 25, 2020

January Dreaming: the Simple Elegance of a Summer Starter in Paris

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We’re conjuring up some summer to get us through January. Are you with us? (See more about the January Dreaming series at the bottom of the post.)

In the middle of winter, dreaming of summer…I came across this photo from a meal in Paris last summer, and it made me long for the soft lusciousness of a summer cantaloupe and the warmth of an evening summer breeze in this most delightful city.

A Business Dinner on a Barge

It was a business dinner at a restaurant on “a huge barge resting on the water facing the Bois de Boulogne between the bridges of Suresnes and Saint-Cloud,” according to the description on the Quai Ouest web site. Wowza! I was just a passenger on this dinner journey, a hungry and tired foodie at the end of a long and successful day of workshops. I didn’t have anything to do with the choice of the restaurant or the menu, and I was in for a lovely surprise, along with my 20 colleagues from around the world.

The interior of Quai Ouest
Interior photo from the Quai Ouest web site

Transported by a Refreshing and Very Parisian First Course

The first course of our dinner on this hot day in the City of Lights was a simple plate of cantaloupe and prosciutto drizzled with syrupy, slightly piquant balsamic vinegar, complemented with a super-refreshing melon juice chaser. For a moment, I was transported to 1950s Paris, walking along the River Seine, an accordian playing La Vie en Rose, the musician wearing a beret…a perfect summer meal in Paris will do that to you.

Cantaloupe and Prosciutto

An Entree Suitable for Winter, but Still Delicious

The jambon et melon starter was the anchor for a lovely meal, followed by the entree of boeuf en daube that would be appropriate for a cold January night by the fire (but also delicious).

Beef Stew, Parisian Style
Perfectly plated boeuf en daube, tasting like someone’s grandmother made it

A Lovely Place, Inside and Out

I can’t believe I didn’t take any other pictures that night! But here’s what Quai Ouest looks like at night, from their web site. It was a lovely evening and memorable with really smart people and great food.

January Dreaming

I’m January dreaming…and hoping to go back to Paris soon.

If you read this post, January Dreaming, you know that the inspiration for this series is my Mom’s longstanding loathing of the pitiful month of January. Like her, we’re dreaming of good times in warmer months, and celebrating those good times in this series.

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