March 1, 2020



I had a little bit of writer’s block, or perhaps I should call it writer’s reluctance. There are many things I want to share, but they are all “big posts,” tomes that require lots of time to get them right, and I just don’t have a big post in me right now. 

Then I saw today’s post from the Storyteller blog, and it inspired me to share my backyard tree branch. I can’t really explain why, it just did. Here’s the gorgeous pic from Storyteller:

Photo from the Storyteller blog by Ray Laskowitz

There’s such hope inherent in that photo, isn’t there?

I felt the same way when I looked up last weekend while the Grill-Meister and I were enjoying Happy Coffee (a daily ritual) and saw the oak tree beginning to bud out while it still hadn’t shed all of its leaves from last season. The juxtaposition of spring with the evidence of winter.

Oak branches and party lights

Look closely, and you’ll see that running through the branches are our party lights, standing at the ready in case there’s a need for them to illuminate Glover Gardens and create a festive atmosphere. The hardworking tree is happy to support those buoyant and bright lights, glad to be a part of any celebration. It is there for the ages. It has survived many winters.

I like that thought, and I like seeing the evidence that winter is making way for spring. Just as the darkness of the current days, with corona virus fears and political chaos, will move into a better and brighter season in every way. It will happen.

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